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Sponsorship signifies your role as a community leader in supporting arts and culture, while making our events, programming, scholarships, and free exhibits possible. The power of artistic expression goes beyond aesthetics to create opportunities to find shared connections, encourage creative problem solving, open community dialogue, and foster a lifelong love of learning. The lasting effect of art means that your sponsorship makes a durable impact.

The Emerson has a wide variety of sponsorship opportunities that subsidize our programs, exhibits, events, and education scholarships. We would be grateful for your altruism.

If you are interested in learning more about sponsorship opportunities, please email the Artistic Director or call (406) 587-9797, 110.

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Throughout the year, the Emerson hosts numerous programs to engage the public: Schools in the Gallery, Seniors in the Gallery, Summer Art Camps, Life Drawing, Ceramics for Adults and Kids, and Adult 2-D art classes. Financial support of our programs will help underwrite supplies, virtual technology, curriculum development, and much more. To learn more about Emerson programs and sponsorship opportunities, please email the Education Curator or call (406) 587-9797, ext. 111.


There is a lot that goes into every exhibition at the Emerson. Shipping, hardware for hanging work, transportation and lodging for visiting artists, advertising, upkeep and restoration of gallery spaces, and printing wall text are just a few of the expenses that may be required for an impactful exhibition. To learn more about sponsoring an Emerson exhibition, email us or call (406) 587-9797, ext. 111.


Devoted to outreach, we host a variety of events each year such as Lunch on the Lawn, Community Open Mic Night, Holidays with the Emerson, and The Beast of Bozeman. Funding or in-kind donations help with equipment rentals, advertising, artist fees, and more. To learn how you can support Emerson events, please email the Artistic Director or call (406) 587-9797, ext. 110.


Education is the greatest gift a person can receive. Investing in a person who is nurturing their artistic talent or interest can have positive results that ripple through the community. Scholarships cover 50% of the class registration fee. Students are limited to one scholarship for one class per semester, though additional financial assistance may be available. Funding for scholarships is made possible through the generous donations of individuals and small businesses.

Consider sponsoring a scholarship and share the gift of learning. To sponsor a scholarship or for more information, email us or call (406) 587-9797, ext. 102.

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