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The Jessie Wilber Gallery, Weaver Room, and Emerson Lobby showcase art exhibits relevant to southwest Montana throughout the year. Immerse yourself in diverse visual perspectives and voices through the exploration of color, form, space, rhythm, and movement.

These Emerson galleries feature works by contemporary artists of regional and national recognition. Exhibiting artists employ traditional and innovative techniques, exploring meaningful content across a wide range of media. As a nonprofit art center focusing on education, the Emerson is committed to deepening public understanding of visual art for all ages and abilities.

We invite viewers to discover their own enriching interpretations through gallery tours, artist presentations, workshops, classes, gallery text, and exhibit brochures. It is our hope that patrons will embrace the art in a way that is enlightening and fulfilling on a personal level.


Exhibits are funded in part by the Montana Cultural Trust and Aesthetic Coal Tax Fund, which is supplied by a percentage of the Coal Severance Tax on coal mined in Montana.

Call for Art

The Emerson Center for the Arts & Culture is committed to curating art that expands community appreciation of contemporary art and addresses the interests of a diverse audience. We welcome regional artists (both emerging and established) and nationally recognized artists.


The Jessie Wilber Gallery is a polished, intimate space exhibiting the work of regional and national contemporary artists. All art genres are displayed. 

The Jessie Wilber Gallery is named in honor of a beloved Bozeman artist. Jessie Wilber was a printmaker, an esteemed MSU art professor; a pioneer in Montana's transition to Modernism in the mid 20th century; and highly influential in the establishment of the Archie Bray Foundation for the Ceramic Arts.

The bustling Emerson Lobby presents the work of regional, contemporary, two-dimensional (2D) artists who specialize in drawings, paintings, prints, photography, and mixed media work.

Tall ceilings and large windows that illuminate the room with natural light beautifully showcase the larger, wall mounted artwork exhibited in this room. The Weaver Room also serves as a community rental space and may be closed for private events.

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