From community events to film screenings, art classes to concerts, and dances to dinners, the Emerson inspires wonder, discovery, conversation, and ingenuity for curious minds of all ages.

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Providing access to art in a courteous, inclusive, and safe setting remains at the core of our mission.

Located at 111 South Grand Avenue in Bozeman, the Emerson is a popular venue for celebrating arts and culture in southwest Montana. The Emerson offers an array of exhibitions and events that captivate audiences; features all genres of creative expression; and forges opportunities for local artists to flourish.

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Initial Conditions

Exhibit by Eric Rannestad Initial Conditions consists of two conceptually similar, but materially different, series of work. Brought together for the first time, these paintings…

Dirt Road Drawings & Other Works

Exhibit by Kerri Rosenstein Each group of work follows an inquiry of infinite possibilities – an ongoing process of responding to impermanence, interdependence, and fine…

Tiny Box World Series a Dream Within a Dream

Exhibit by Kate Huston 20 years in the making, this exhibit presents a collection of Tiny Box Worlds Series where imagination, spirituality and nature collide…

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Your support allows us to offer art education classes for all ages, showcase regional artwork, host special events, and maintain a historic building that serves as home to over 50 creative businesses and welcomes countless community-hosted films, performances, concerts, weddings and more!

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