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Jessie Wilber Gallery

Zuzanna Karczewska

Jessie Wilber Gallery
May 10 – July 5, 2019

Zuzanna Karczewska’s work focuses on the various dimensions of place. She creates abstract, organic forms which appear to be living, breathing organisms. She uses local wool, plant dyes, stones, sticks, water, and heat to create unique works actually made of the landscape rather than just a representation. The color, energy, and texture of these pieces ground them to the environment while the process of felting and the use of local materials expand upon the concept of place. Looking at them for the first time, you canhear yourself thinking ‘What are these things!?’, ‘Where do they come from?’, ‘Have Iseen them in nature before?’. Come see, and decipher for yourself in the Jessie WilberGallery this spring.

“I see place as a location but also the weather, the climate, and the biosphere. It is the local landscape, but also a system of geological processes in geological time, weathering processes, people, animals, and plants, politics, industries, the farms, the food and transportation networks. Place is intimately local and at the same time it always extends into an extensive system.” – Zuzanna Karczewska