Whimsical Escape

Exhibit by Kayla Baker

The whimsical acrylic paintings of Kayla Baker bring the fun and quirky personalities to some of her favorite animals. By humanizing her subjects with clothing or humoresque situations, she hopes to make people realize these animals have a very important place in the world.

Lobby Gallery
September 11 – November 27, 2020

Artist Statement

Her paintings invite you to take a moment to escape from reality and emphasize the importance of taking the time to look beyond tragedy, loss, and negativity to focus on the joyous happy times in our lives.

“I hope people can look at my paintings, and see how much fun I had painting these silly critters and find the humor in each of the images. For me, painting is an escape from my pain and disease. Everyone has their own pain or problems, and instead of indulging in these issues, sometimes we all just need an escape.” – Kayla Baker