Watch More TV

Exhibit by Animoscillator

Televisions, an integral part of our daily lives, are often thought to be utilitarian and mundane but when pushed beyond their intended purpose they can be used to create something more.

Jessie Wilber Gallery
May 30 – July 14, 2023


During the Art Walks on June 9th and July 14th from 6:00-8:00pm.

Artist Statement

Consumer technology is often discarded before its time is truly up. When grouped together they can create something new. While their electrons are still firing, Animoscillator invites you to Watch More TV.

Artist Bio

Animoscillator (Dan Haywood) is an interdisciplinary multimedia artist, specializing in analog video art and video structures. His work has been featured on stages, clothing lines, and in galleries and storefronts around the world. He has also been commissioned for music videos, ad campaigns, and other promotional material.

Animoscillator’s work focuses on blending imagery and physical structures, specifically video art and video sculptures. He finds beauty in the technology, both what is used to create and distort videos, and what is used to present them.