The Wait

Exhibit by Gary Horinek

In this fully immersive, three-dimensional, installation piece Gary Horinek explores some of the environmental issues that affect our planet today.

Jessie Wilber Gallery
February 14 – June 24, 2020

Artist Statement

“Deep within our planet lay tectonic plates that are constantly clashing and ripping at the earth’s crust in an epic battle for geological domination. Upon the backs of these plates lay a thin layer of organic material where life exists. These plates have seen many extinctions and even participated in some of these events. But this time is different. Perhaps the battles do not lie within these massive plates but the conflict lies within the two worlds that exist within us.” – Gary Horinek

Thank you to the Holiday Inn Bozeman and the RSVP Motel for generously sponsoring THE WAIT in the Jessie Wilber Gallery.