Exhibit by NJ Anders

Nathan chose the intimate setting of a fogged bathroom mirror to shed light upon and celebrate the delicacy of the human body and mind. The figure is shrouded in uncertainty and mystery reducing his marks to that of color and light on a flattened surface. This allows him to explore the painted surface he so loves while retaining the voice of the human form. He hopes that in this tension created between paint and image, the viewer will see the beauty, complexity and struggle within the painter’s surface and the humanity it portrays.

Jessie Wilber Gallery
May 13 – June 30, 2016

Artist Bio

Bozeman painter, Nathan Anderson (NJ Anders). Nathan grew up in the Midwest primarily Kansas City. He graduated from Washington University in St. Louis with his BFA, and then promptly followed his dream of moving west to Montana. He has worked several jobs in Bozeman through the years including carpenter and fly-fishing guide. He also recently participated in the Montana Artrepreneurship Program, which renewed his desire to share his personal artistic vision and make a living as a professional artist.

His current series reflects the merging of two interests, the surface of paintings and the human figure. Nathan feels you can learn a lot about an artist through the surface of their work. Within an inch of a work’s surface the subject matter is reduced to paint itself. It is here that one can catch glimpses of the artist’s experience, their insights and process of labor. Nathan is tempted to abandon representational subject matter but finds a grounding point of entry, and an incomparable weight in the human figure.