Exhibit by Monica Gilles-Brings Yellow

“There are currently 574 Federally Recognized tribes in the United States. All of those Tribes have engaged in Treaties and agreements with the U.S. Government, the purpose of which was proposed mutual benefit. The promises between Nations have had consequences for all involved.”

Emerson Lobby
July 9 – September 3, 2021

Artist Statement

“This exhibition is an exploration of promises made, promises broken, and the affects those agreements have had on the Indigenous women in the paintings. However, this exhibition is not just an airing of grievances. It is also a celebration of Native American resilience, ingenuity, and survival in the wake of prodigious obstacles. Thank you for viewing.”

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Artist Bio

“I am an Indigenous self-taught mixed media artist based out of Missoula and the Flathead Reservation. I started exploring and researching different painting techniques in the summer/fall of 2019. When I first started painting, I created solely abstract work. I did abstract landscapes, feathers, and other objects. Then in the spring of 2020 after the pandemic hit, I decided to explore different techniques and incorporate what I feel to be a more personal subject matter.”

“Through experimentation and trial and error I created the style I prefer to work in, which I call 3-D collage. 3-D collage is a mix of acrylic paints, alcohol inks, and resin combined with mixed media in order to create a multilayered 3-dimensional effect. I have continued to explore those techniques since then.”

“I also shifted the subject matter of my paintings to Native American people and Indigenous women- in particular. I use my paintings to provide a glimpse into the present-day Indigenous Nations I am part of. I also focus on stories of Indigenous women to discuss their resilience and importance. I hope by painting in this style that I am able to bring to light a history that is often unknown, concealed, or disregarded by broader society. Thank you for viewing.”

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