Local Flow; Rivers, Roads, Sky

Exhibit by Edd Enders

Livingston native, Edd Enders presents a series of paintings in oil, which reflect his observations and emotional response to life in the Northern Rockies. Edd enjoys studying patterns, shapes and relationships that surround him. His vibrant use of color relates to an intimacy Edd has always felt toward the environments of Montana and the impact it has on its inhabitants.

Lobby Gallery
May 8 – September 4, 2015

Artist Bio

Edd has spent much of his life as a guide, packer, wrangler and cowboy. These periods spent in isolated areas provided him ample time to ponder, observe and draw. Edd is not trying to depict hidden meanings or make social-political statements with his artwork; he is simply relaying his feelings and interactions with life through painting.

Edd Enders was born and raised in Livingston, Montana. He studied art at Montana State University and is now a full time painter. Edd is widely collected and has shown his work in over one hundred exhibits across the United States.