Exhibit by Sky

The two series on display are, in essence, created with the same basic concept in mind: intuition, emotion, movement and their relationship with the process of making art.

Weaver Room Gallery
May 30 – July 14, 2023


During the Art Walks on June 9th and July 14th from 6:00-8:00pm.

Artist Statement

Intuition, emotion, movement and their relationship with the process of making art. To create these works, on both paper and canvas, I employ many different materials: Acrylic, oil, coffee, tea, pastels, dirt, graphite, ink, charcoal, chalk, wax, found papers and metals. Each has its own feeling and flow. Going forward I cannot imagine making work with just one type of media.

I employ all these ingredients in order to create works that express my subconscious thoughts and emotions. I create them with no preplanned motive beyond allowing my hand to move in the way it sees fit. Drawing shapes and adding colors as the piece develops until, at last, I feel it is complete.

Artist Bio

Born Skyler Robert Zuri Angove, he produces work under the simple name Sky. A native Montanan, and two-time art school dropout, he has spent the last ten years building a unique body of abstract works. A largely self-taught artist with a focus on painting in a wide array of mediums, he has secured a small following both regionally and outside of the US.

“Around the time I had my first solo gallery show I was also being trained in framing and art conservation methods. With these new skills in hand I took what I had been working on and snagged myself a juried group show followed by another solo show. I got second place for my piece and sold only one painting at my second solo show. I was not very enamored with the work I was producing and it showed. I spent some time re-evaluating my work and what I wanted to paint.

I wanted my work to be more about emotion and less about something tangible. I wanted it to be honest and unremitting. I pushed headlong into a year of full time studio work. The result was the opportunity to go to a reclusive artist residency in Orquevaux, France. It was on this trip that I gained the clarity I had been seeking. The space away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life allowed me to stop, think and really feel. I gained something immeasurable from this sabbatical. The work poured out and I felt I had finally found a new direction. Since then I have exhibited in many spaces including a space at a joint US – South Korean art exhibition on display during the 2018 Winter Olympics. I love exhibiting but as many galleries have closed their doors I no longer choose to pursue art full time. I prefer it to be a passion, not a career.”

Sky currently resides in Helena, Montana with his two partners. Sky’s current work probes the mind, allowing for contemplation rather than immediate answers. It explores the subconscious and the intangible. Creation without a pattern or plan.

“These are my hopes, my dreams, my failures, and my triumphs. I offer them to you in the hopes they may enrich your lives as they have mine.”