Figures – Juired Group Show

Juried Group Show

The theme Figures & Portraits showcases the wide variety of human face and form. Each artist’s unique representation captures an essence and a mood of that particular individual.

Jessie Wilber Gallery
July 10 – August 7, 2020

About the Work

Each work asks the viewer to look closer, to want ask questions. We received one of the largest applicant pools in our recent history of Calls for Art. This was a welcome assurance that we all desire to catch a glimpse of the symbiotic relationship between an artist and muse. Artists from all backgrounds and areas of focus cannot deny the majesty and power that comes with visually representing the human soul. We hope you are as amazed and appreciative of these works as we are.

Exhibiting Artists

Eric Alley, Nathan Anderson, Courtney Blazon, Teri Bruce, Mya Cluff, Jan Elpel, Candace Forrette, Lauren Fox-Humphreys, John Garre, Pookie Godvin, Justin Hsu, Emily Kelly, Susie Mathre, Sue McCauley, Tamara Meyer, Randi O’Brien, Richard Parrish, Selisa Rausch, June Billings Safford, Kevin Soraci, Martijn Caspar Swart. Tenyoh