Fare La Scarpetta

Exhibit by John Joyce & Wil Harning

The title of this show “Fare La Scarpetta” is cultural slang for ‘cleaning up ones plate’. The act is reminiscent in a few regards to the work in the show; a drawing act on the plate using bread to clean up sauce, Italians cultural identity with food and the impact living in Italy has had on both artists.

Weaver Room Gallery
December 9, 2016 – February 2, 2017

About the Work

These works were curated to compliment our annual fundraising event and its congruent theme “Tuscany”. The Weaver Room and Lobby Galleries are often utilized to show the diverse works being created by Montana State University (MSU) professors and students.

We are pleased to show the works of two students who participated in this past spring’s travel abroad program and to support the efforts of emerging artist from throughout our community.