Exuberance of Color

Exhibit by Kelly Bourgeois

Exuberance of Color invites the viewer to experience not only how colors influence and play with one another, but how they make you feel. The exhibit combines paper quilling and watercolor into an immersive experience in rich warm colors. Visitors are invited to revel in the colors selected for these works, with the hope that they make you feel playful, happy, and exuberant in their presence.

Lobby Gallery
September 9 – December 22, 2022

Opening Reception

During the Art Walk on Friday, September 9th from 5:00-8:00pm.

Artist Statement

Did you know that the exuberance of color is actually mapped out and the color world? Hex Color code for exuberance color is #e86800. The RGB color code for Exuberance color is RGB(232,104,0). It’s a warm color. In fact, the exuberance color is primarily a color from orange color family. Specifically, the color is a mixture of orange and brown color. In fact below is an example of the exact color of exuberance:

In the show, Exuberance of Color, I want to encapsulate the warmth felt through color and the joy that we, as humans, experience when we see a color we love.

I hope that you the viewer can experience through my contemporary paintings and quillings, how each color influences and plays with each other, forming dynamically joyful works. As you can suspect, I enjoy color theory and each work I hope brings to you a little playfulness, happiness, and most of all a little exuberant warmth.

Artist Bio

Kelly Bourgeois is an Artist, ICU Nurse, Mom and a Free-Spirited friend. She was raised in Eastern Montana, along the Badlands of Makoshika State Park, and now living close to the Beartooths in Billings, Kelly loves to explore the wilderness and witness the beauty of nature. This inspiration along with her love of contemporary aesthetics is the driving force behind her artwork which focuses on exploring contrasting colors with contemporary scenes. With a background including a MS in Arts Administration/Finance, a BA in Business Administration and Registered Nursing and Fine Arts, and an AS in Radiologic Sciences degrees, Kelly uses her colorful background to pursue her passion.

Kelly has had the wonderful privilege to have work that has been exhibited throughout the Unites States and is honored to be in numerous private collections. Currently, Kelly enjoys working as an artist and in healthcare. Her most favorite activity and, most importantly, is being a mom to two wonderful children. She also has a blast hanging out with her husband Brian and an extensive, wildly fun family, which includes friends near and far and new and old.