Exhibit by Linda Pease & Ben Pease

This exhibition is a collaboration between Ben Pease and his mother, Linda Pease, celebrating the power of existence and their experiences as Indigenous artists.

Weaver Room Gallery
May 31 – June 28, 2024


During the Art Walk on Friday, June 14th from 5:00-8:00pm

Exhibit Statement

“Our creativity is an expression of our existence.”

Celebrating the power of our existence and experiences as Indigenous artists, This exhibition is a collaboration between Ben Pease and his mother, who has triumphantly returned to her lifelong passion for art after many years in administrative roles within the education sector. Over the past two years, she has actively exhibited her work, sharing a unique perspective and deep connection to our cultural heritage. “Existence” showcases works that honor our people’s resilience, strength, and beauty, capturing moments of daily life, spiritual connections, and rich traditions.

Through our art, we convey the profound narratives of our heritage and culture, emphasizing that creativity is a powerful expression of our existence. In conjunction with the Murdered and Missing Indigenous Peoples (MMIP) movement event, this exhibition reflects on our shared human experience and the urgent need to address the MMIP crisis with empathy and action. Our art fosters understanding, sparks dialogue, and inspires collective efforts toward justice and healing.

We also pay tribute to those lost to the effects of assimilation—those whose futures, ideas, and dreams were never realized. Our works strive to re-capture the essence of these unrealized lives as a reminder of their presence and the impact of their absence on our communities.