Dirt Road Drawings & Other Works

Exhibit by Kerri Rosenstein

Each group of work follows an inquiry of infinite possibilities – an ongoing process of responding to impermanence, interdependence, and fine lines between inner and outer experience. A temperament of generosity and intimacy informs the work with a sense of going-on-ness.

Weaver Room Gallery
September 8 – December 4, 2023


Friday, September 8th from 5:00-8:00pm

Artist Statement

I am drawn to repetitive motion and the cyclic nature of things without distinct beginning and end. From finding my bearings through drawing each part of inhabited spaces, to mapping dirt roads in and out of protected and unprotected wild places, to translating writings about climate change into constellation drawings, to storied weavings that honor tending and new becoming. The inherent labor of each generates a felt sense of attentive rootedness and paths for wayfinding.

Artist Bio

Kerri Rosenstein is an interdisciplinary visual artist and collaborates with various communities as an educator, facilitator, creative director, and wilderness guide – including Pacific Northwest College of Art, Signal Fire’s Wide Open Studios, and Wild Rockies Field Institute. Her personal practice tends to be of a contemplative nature, rooted in ecological values. She is dedicated to ongoing learning and has trained in holistic health, permaculture, wilderness medicine, and heart-based facilitation, as well as degrees in Visual Arts and Psychology.