Cut Loose: The Ramblings of a Meticulously Unrestrained Soul

Exhibit by Anne KM Ross

Recovering perfectionist, Anne KM Ross learned the hard way to let go. Coming from a past of stifling, self-imposed rigidity in her art, her style now plays with the duality of tight control vs. unrestrained, free-spirited work.

Weaver Room Gallery
September 1 – November 17, 2017

Artist Statement

“Cut Loose” finds the middle ground between unleashed spontaneity and calculated, meticulous efforts. Anne’s process involves specific preparation, mapping and shaping of the canvas, and before any piece is complete there must be a stage where simple physics take control. Anne becomes a curious observer of the dripping, swirling paint, and nothing qualifies as a mistake.

Things that were carefully painted in are lost or obscured, and this changes her work for the better. It opens doors via new shapes and themes that emerge for Anne to react to and resolve the piece more masterfully than was possible before. Over the years, Anne discovered that obsessively fixing and perfecting her art creates overworked pieces which are stagnant: not energetic. This is a metaphor for life, which she keeps close to her heart.

Finding new fascinating painted effects on a canvas fuels her passion; whether it be sprayed, squeezed, carved, or brushed on, there is a different tactile experience in each approach, and a new discovery to be made.