Exhibit by Victoria Daily

Victoria’s paintings, which revolve around a deep passion for nature, explore patterns of migration and seasonal change.

Lobby Gallery
March 8 – May 17, 2024


Opening: Friday, March 8th from 5:00-8:00pm

Artist Statement

Patterns have always appeared to me in nature. Patterns of the scales on a butterfly’s wing or the feather molting patterns of waterfowl. Patterns of migration along the Mississippi Flyway that I watch from the flooded cypress woods. Patterns in the crystal of a snowflake, each one similar but different. I am obsessed with these things to the point that I structure my year around them, seeking to be where they are as they move and appear with the seasons. There is nothing more real to me than the patterns I find. I am compelled to make paintings detailing my obsessions.

Back in my studio, I begin by choosing the surface I will use. I use wooden panels for my paintings or hand carve aluminum panels into sculptural shapes. I use oil painting mediums to dilute my oil paint and seek a watercolor-like quality as I apply the paint. I seek a balance of visible paint application and representation of the subject.

Artist Bio

Victoria Daily (b. 1998) is an American painter who divides her time between her home state of Mississippi and her studio in Montana. She is currently pursuing a Master of Fine Arts at Montana State University where she teaches Drawing.

She finds inspiration for her work studying nature closely while hunting in the Mississippi woods and fly fishing Montana. For the last three years her work has been focused on recording her observations in oil paint or graphite. She often works in a sketchbook style, recording the color palettes she finds in wildlife.