Biological Explorations

Exhibit by Tad Bradley

The work within this series is based upon my fascination with the human body and complexities outside and within. From the imaging that allows us to see within the body to the senses we use to understand our environment, the work will reveal different scales of exploration.

Jessie Wilber Gallery
September 8 – November 26, 2017

Artist Statement

The eye charts within the lobby are obviously larger than what you may find in an optometrist’s office inspired by hyperrealism. The plates of the ‘Rorschach Revisited’ series are the exact scale as the original plates first printed in 1921.

Glass is an incredible material that invites one’s view to layers of exploration and analysis. Although my background is within architecture I do not feel there is any difference between the body and a building or art and architecture. The body needs to have alignment, balance and precision…a building demands the same. Art allows exploration of any subject matter within any medium…architecture is simply at a different and habitable scale.

One of my goals in creating this work was to analyze how we as humans experience the world, interact with one another, and stand alone as individuals. I hope that the work creates curiosity, questions and conversation.