Emerson Lobby Gallery

  • Event Start Date 02/04/2022
  • Event Location 111 S Grand Ave.


Emerson Lobby
On Display through February 4, 2022

Carly Thaw uses watercolor, pen, and gouache paint to illustrate the rich cultural identity and outdoor recreation communities of her home state of West Virginia and new home Bozeman, Montana.

Most recently, Carly has been exploring the overlap of graphic design elements and illustrative fine art to tell more direct stories with her work. “I am an illustrator, but really I am a storyteller. I love exploring Earth’s natural landscapes — especially mountains — and even more learning the stories of the people who call those places home. I love traveling around and chatting with locals to find the points of pride inhistory, culture, landscape, and plant and animal life. My goal is to capture in my work the nuance of those stories and why they are so intrinsic to our experience of life and the natural world.”