From Above – Exhibit Opening

From Above

For the last decade I have focused on painting landscapes from above, offering a different perspective to painting the expansive Montana landscape. Plein air studies, maps, and satellite imagery then inform large studio paintings that look down across entire mountain ranges. With one foot in reality and another in a dream or memory, they provide the viewer as much a journey as the hike itself.

Exhibit by Nic Fischer
Weaver Room Gallery
May 13 – July 1, 2022

Artist Statement

When Thomas Moran wanted to paint the Yellowstone region in 1871, he joined the Hayden Geological Survey, traveled across the country, then camped for over 40 days. This is total immersion in a subject. I engage with the landscape I love as long and as often as possible. Where I choose to paint is often the climax of a long hike. While preparing for this exhibition I had a bear run by, skiers get hit by falling rocks kicked by inconsiderate goats, wild storms, a moose standoff, and many hours wondering if my headlamp will last long enough to find my truck. Time outdoors is well spent. The small paintings done on site and the experience of being in the landscape fuels long hours in the studio. I do not intend for the large paintings to represent one view at one time, but rather the culmination of enjoying life in this big beautiful place we are all so fortunate to share.

After the Fire (2021) began in 2019 with a month-long residency in Glacier National Park. During my time in the park, I made frequent summits of Edwards Mountain, hiked 160 miles, and completed seven small paintings. I then distilled the nearly 300 hours on location into a single image.

Late For Supper (2022) is Bozeman viewed from Little Ellis on a smokey night in July. While it is more directly translated from a single plein air session, it is a view I have observed dozens of times before painting. I frequently paint from the summit of Mt Ellis, and many evenings find myself watching the last minutes of daylight fade on the Bridgers during the return hike home.

Artist Bio

Nic Fischer is a proud father of two daughters, a narrative landscape painter, and frequent sufferer of summit fever. He lives in Bozeman with his wife, Alison whom he met while working at Lake Yellowstone Hotel. Together they have enjoyed countless adventures, but none as inspiringly formidable as parenting Annie (4) and Mira (2).