Bozeman Ice Climbing Festival presents: Finding Balance + More

Friday evening at the Emerson includes Finding Balance with Tim Emmett, the Bear Canyon Singers & Dancers and a screening of Hall of Fame featuring Yannick Glatthard.

December 8, 2023
Doors open at 7:00PM  |  Show starts at 7:30PM
Crawford Theater
$15 General Admission or $38 VIP Move Pass

Tickets are available online or at the door. A VIP Movie Pass gets you into Thursday, Friday and Saturdays films. This pass does NOT include the Sunday Local Legends Dinner. You can purchase it online.

Finding Balance: The odds that the term “pioneer” finds its way into any description of Aaron Mulkey are better than even. After all, his nearly 30-year quest to discover unclimbed ice – both in his Wyoming backyard and across the globe – has yielded no shortage of exploratory adventure.

Epic after frigid wilderness epic, Mulkey has deftly balanced his extensive pursuit of first ascents with a high-level executive position in corporate America. He’s as comfortable in the boardroom as on the sharp end of a frozen rope. But developing two independent and often opposing skillsets and practicing both at the pinnacle of performance hasn’t come easily. It’s been a fight for survival, both literally and figuratively, on numerous occasions.

In this current age of carefully curated Instagram reels (#vanlife) and the ubiquitous inspiration to “quit my job and selling everything to chase the dream,” it’s rare for the spotlight to land on someone who, while incredibly talented, balances their passion with the seemingly mundane, day-to-day responsibilities that we can all relate to. Aaron Mulkey has figured it out.

Featuring interviews with Jack Tackle, Gayle Callis, and Terry Kennedy, the film follows Pat to a variety of Montana rock and ice climbs, some he pioneered when first coming to the state and others he helped developed over the years. Each climb is a reflection of a time in his life – sparking stories reflecting on the early days of climbing and within these stories his insight to drive and motivation, community, history, family and wisdom.

Hall of Fame – high above Kandersteg in the Swiss Alps, is widely seen as probably the most difficult mixed-route in the world. Ice climbing pioneer Ron Koller discovered and developed the route some 8 years ago. Earlier this month, young Swiss mountain guide and professional alpinist Yannick Glatthard succeeded in making a first ever free ascent of “Hall of Fame”.

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