Bozeman Doc Series – Every Little Thing

The Bozeman Doc Series continues with the critically acclaimed new documentary, Every Little Thing. Amid the glamour of Hollywood, Los Angeles, a woman finds herself on a transformative journey as she nurtures wounded hummingbirds.

Thursday, April 4 from 7–9PM | Doors open at 6:30PM
Crawford Theater
$12 general admission, $10 for students

Tickets available at the door or online.

For more info or to see a trailer, go here.

A film of joy and wonder, EVERY LITTLE THING offers profound truths in a deceptively simple story. What does it mean to care for another, and what impact does this act have on us? In tending to these fragile yet resilient hummingbirds, Terry Masear finds a sense of healing from her own past. Her diminutive patients — brought into sharp focus through breathtaking, beautifully detailed photography — become memorable protagonists in their own right. The viewer becomes emotionally invested each of them, celebrating their small victories and lamenting their tiny tragedies. The compassion and empathy that Masear shows her Lilliputian charges serves as a lesson to us all — a reminder that in the smallest of acts, and in the tiniest of creatures, we might find grace.

Every Little Thing world premiered at the Sundance Film Festival in January to widespread critical acclaim.

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