By Monica Gilles-Brings Yellow


Mixed Media Painting

Monica Gilles-Brings Yellow paints from historical images, offering a platform to discuss the resilience, importance, and impact the Native peoples in works have had on present day society. By working with historical figures, she opens a dialogue bringing to light the history of Native American peoples that is often unknown, concealed, or disregarded by broader American society.

Monica Gilles-BringsYellow is a self-taught Indigenous Artist out of Missoula, Montana/the Flathead Reservation. She started painting, and inadvertently her art career, in the summer of 2019. Currently Monica’s work primarily focuses on Native American people.

When she is not painting she works as a therapist in group homes for children with mental health diagnoses and pre-pandemic she also played roller derby. She currently lives in Missoula, Montana with her husband.

Currently, Monica’s preferred medium is what she refers to as 3-D collage. She incorporates acrylic paint, resin, markers, historical photos, and gold leaf to achieve the desired layered effect.

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