Intersections of Trout & Art

Exhibit Details

Weaver Room Gallery, 2nd Floor

Intersections of Trout & Art

The Emerson has partnered with the International Trout Congress to jury two group shows titled Intersections of Trout and Art. 35 works featuring 25 local, national and international artists will be on display this fall. The aim is to assemble an international body of trout conservationists and enthusiasts for a series of structured lectures and discussions on the relationship between trout and humans. The World of Trout will focus its discussions on themes that include the diversity and role of trout worldwide, conservation issues, and trout in literature, the arts, and the classroom.

Artists in the Weaver Room Gallery will include Sarah Angst, Cindy Betka, Jason Bordash, Helen Donovan, Kelsey Dzintars, Mimi Matsuda, Michael Maydak, Steve Osman, Thomas David Ritter, Robert Schlenker, Angela Smith, Paul Tunkis and Emily Wagner.

These exhibits were curated to compliment the first annual meeting of the International Trout Congress and The World of Trout events as well as Trout Unlimited’s annual meeting. For more information on the Trout Congress and our partnership, please visit their website at

Free and open to the public.

Opening Reception:
September 9, 2016, 5:00 – 8:00 PM during the Downtown Bozeman Art Walk