The Life and Times of Fred F. Willson

Exhibit Details

Weaver Room Gallery

Contrast and Context: The Life and Times of Fred F. Willson

February 10 – April 28, 2017

This show will focus on the diversity of Fred F. Willson’s life work from around Bozeman and the nation, while placing his work in a broader cultural architectural and historical context. The exhibit will pair contrasting projects designed around the same time period and arrange different eras of his work chronologically.

Included in the exhibit will be examples of architectural plans, diary entries, anecdotes and photographs. There has been a lot of documentation of Mr. Willson’s work over the years, but this exhibit will differ in that it will explore the larger context of his work and contrasting styles.

Opening reception:
February 27 at Cheever Hall at MSU’s School of Architecture, in correlation with the additional works relating to this exhibit.