By Rebekah "Carries Sweet Grass Woman" Jarvey

Pimatsoun (Spirital Life) Mask

Beaded Mask

Rebekah’s work in display, “Pimatsoun (Spirital Life) Mask” is made with size 11 cut beads, size 11 neon lined crystal beads, black velvet material, 100 % cotton floral beaded material, brass spots, brass cones, red horse hair, and hand tan buckskin deer hide.

“The Spiritual Life mask is a paradox concerning representing, Murdered, and Missing Indigenous Woman and Global Pandemic. The colorful tulip flower represents my Cree Culture and features bright neon beads to signify hope. My 15-year-old son is a 5th generation beader, specializing in beaded ropes. The beaded ropes on each side of the mask have hand-tanned buckskin ties to hold the mask in place. The brass spots are reflectors to stir away from any negative energy. The red horse hair represents the power of the Horse Nation is powerful and is used in many ceremonies. The beaded red hand on black velvet material represents my Chippewa Culture. I named the piece “Spiritual Life Mask” because, in the Cree language, the word that stands out most to me is Pimatsioun; this word is used in many ceremony songs.” – Rebekah “Carries Sweet Grass Woman” Jarvey

Rebekah “Carries Sweet Grass Woman” Jarvey is a Chippewa Cree and Blackfeet, self-proclaimed Indigenous Fashionista from Rockyboy, Montana. She is a fourth-generation beader and sewer with a foundation of her traditional tribal heritage and today’s fashion. She combines Indigenous style with modern, urban touches to authentic, hand-made masks and ribbon skirts. She believes it’s her responsibility to make sure the collector is looking stylish with culture.

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