By Susan Stewart

Kaala's Tears

Mixed Media Painting

"My recent pieces for this exhibit reflect how I have endured great loss as an elder of my loved ones and the impact of the loss of our young people due to violence. It has brought such pain to our families and our communities. 'Kaalaa’s Tears' reflects my feelings of pain and loss I have endured as a Grandmother, Auntie, Sister, and Mother." - Susan Stewart

Susan “Her Colors Are Good” Stewart is an enrolled member of the Appsaalooke Nation (AKA Crow Tribe), and the Blackfeet Tribe. She is a mixed-media artist working primarily in paint, traditional beadwork, printmaking, and installation. She has exhibited in several solo and group shows since the mid-seventies.

Born in California, she received a BA in Fine Arts from Montana State University. She has worked as an Arts Administrator, Curator, Program Director, and Community Activist. She an extensive history of non-profit support work with organizations such as; Montana Indian Contemporary Arts, Partners of America, Montana Indian Art and Cultural Association, and others. Most recently, she founded Fierce Woman Warrior Society to support, empower, and mentor, at-risk Indigenous girls and women in need.

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