By Olivia Rose Williamson

Hub Williamson

Acrylic Painting

The pieces represented in this exhibition were created as an honor and homage to Missing and Murdered Indigenous People. The crisis has affected her family personally with her younger brother, Hub Williamson, missing since April 9, 2019. Hub was a father, a horseman, and rough and tough cowboy. His memory lives on in her vibrant painting of his likeness.

Olivia Rose Williamson, owner of Lady Pompadour Beadwork and Design, works primarily in a traditional clothing design adding a contemporary twist to many of her works.

Olivia Rose Williamson is a member of the Crow Tribe and is of the Whistling Water and Child of the Piegan Clan. She has always been an artistic individual, enjoying painting, collage work, and jewelry design. Olivia lives for and loves Native art.

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