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Weaver Room

Liminal Strangeness by Jade Lowder
Weaver Room
September 10, 2021 – January 7, 2022

Artist’s Statement

How we connect with space is a question that we must focus on and give awareness to if we hope to possess a broader understanding of ourselves. Through the painting, drawing, and the examination of images and places of importance, or inversely unimportant and banal, I construct a picture of what identity is. By using the questioning of a metaphysical interaction with places and spaces as the focus of the work, the mediums act often as conduits for a larger conversation.

My work thrives on tactility. We feel the brushstrokes and the movement of the image in our bodies. The artist’s presence is known through the interpretation of the act of making. The ability to perceive touch through visual cues in an image, forms a direct link between the viewer, the piece, and the maker. Beyond the basic tendencies of the medium of oil paint, whether the work is executed through drawing, acrylic, or sculpture, that sense of touch is a constant focus in the work.

I want to engage on multiple levels, an investment in the spaces that I am interested in. I do this by looking at images of the spaces, places, and people we find important in our daily lives, and by utilizing this process of communication through my work. Space can reveal much about our personalities and our perceptions of the world around us. We identify ourselves by where we are from—where we live and where we choose to spend our time. Our perception is directly tied into our understanding of the self.

This current body of work utilizes found images of spaces I would consider to be “in-between.” Their transitional nature has more to do with the metaphorical content to those inhabiting the spaces, or at least temporarily so. Belief has inevitably become a recurring theme in the work and with these series of images belief, place and identity curl around each other formulating something new.




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