• Event Time 7:00 pm-8:00 pm
  • Event Start Date 05/07/2020

Online Art on the Rocks (21+)
Thursday, May 7  |  7-8pm | Paper Quilling

Join us for a live Art on the Rocks via Zoom. Together we’ll create and art activity and enjoy cocktails. The fabulous crew at the Rocking R Bar will kick off the hour with a cocktail recipe. We will then lead you through an art project using supplies you have in your own home! We encourage you share with your friends, share your artwork, and share a toast with the Emerson whiles having a wildly fun evening. Find us on Facebook for current information and to register.

Paper Quilling 
May 7  |  7pm
Join Zoom AOR
Meeting ID: 832 2526 9537
Password: Art Rocks

Dig out your old magazines and scraps of paper to create cheerful bouquet of paper flowers to hang up or use as a card! Paper quilling is the art of taking narrow strips of paper, rolling them into coils, and shaping them into forms that can be arranged to make any artistic composition you wish!

Required supplies at class time:

  • Heavy Paper or card stock
  • Strips of colored paper,  magazine, newsprint, etc.
    • Note: Cut paper into 1/4″ wide strips before class if possible
  • Scrap paper for sketching
  • Pencil
  • Ruler
  • Scissors and or x-acto knife with mat or thick cardboard for cutting on
    • Optional* paper cutter for cutting strips of paper
  • Glue  – clear and quick drying works best
  • Plastic lid or sheet of aluminum foil
  • Paint brush or scraps of card stock
  • Masking or scotch tap
  • Assorted coins
  • tweezers
  • A variety of cylindrical tubes – toothpicks, bamboo skewers, chopsticks, matchstick, fork times, comb, sewing needles, etc.
  • Damp washcloth or sponge to keep hands clean
  • Cocktail