• Event Time 10:00 am
  • Event Start Date 04/08/2020

Little HeARTS  – ONLINE!

Welcome to Little HeARTs Online! We cannot gather in the Emerson ballroom right now, so we are sharing projects for Little HeARTs and their big helpers to do at home Wednesdays in April.

(Ages 2-5)
Wednesdays  |  10am
Cost: Little HeARTs under normal circumstances is free for Emerson Members and $5 for non-members. We are delighted for the opportunity to bring art exploration into your households and support our community during this challenging time. We are also grateful for and donations that would help the Emerson continue doing so.

April 8

Book: “Duck! Rabbit!” by Amy Krouse Rosenthal

Lesson Objectives: Shapes, Imagination

Project supplies needed:

  • Paper
  • Sharpie or black marker
  • one of the following art materials you have handy (markers, crayons, or paint)


1. Story:

  • Watch Duck! Rabbit! through the video link below.
  •  talk to your child about shapes they may already know. (Circles, squares, triangles).

2. Movement:

  • Ask your child(ren) to individually or as a group create shapes out of their bodies.
    • ‘How can we bend our bodies to look like circles or squares?’
    • Then discuss free-form shapes – like clouds. Free form shapes are not uniform like circles or have a certain number of sides like squares & triangles.
    • You can go outside to look at clouds – if possible – and try to imagine the clouds are animals, objects, people, etc.

3. Project:

  • Draw for your child a large free-form shape with black marker on a piece of paper. See examples below.
    • Have them look at the shape and tell you what they ‘see’.
    • Does it look like an animal, an object, a person?
    • Using one of the art materials you have handy (markers, crayons, paint) allow your child to color in and/or add to the pre-drawn shape to create their own unique art work!