Crawford Theater

  • Event Time 5:30 pm-8:00 pm
  • Event Start Date 09/12/2017
  • Event Location Crawford Theater


In today’s conversation about public lands phrases such as “forest health” and “forest resilience” are common. But the question is “what does it mean?” Do we know what forest health is, or do we just have a preconceived notion of what we think it means? Is some “healthy forest” legislation truly well intentioned, or is it a ruse aimed at “getting out the cut”?

Gallatin Wildlife Association will host a presentation entitled, “Healthy Forests: Science or Slogan?”, to explore this topic on Tuesday September 12 in the Emerson Center Auditorium, Bozeman. Doors open at 5:30 PM; presentations and public discussion, 6-8 PM. Co-hosts of the forum include Native Ecosystem Council, Montana River Action, and Cottonwood Environmental Law.

George Wuerthner, noted author and ecologist, will address the natural roles of fire in forest ecosystems, and relations between past and recent timber harvesting and forest fires. Mr. Wuerthner has written and edited 38 books, most recently Wildfire: A Century of Failed Forest Policy. Mr. Wuerthner is the recipient of the Grassroots Activist of the Year Award for 2017, presented by the Fund for Wild Nature.
The other speaker will be Cathy Whitlock, Professor of Earth Sciences, Director of the MSU Paleoecology Lab, and Fellow and former co-Director of the Montana Institute on Ecosystems at Montana State University.  Her research on forest, fire and climate history extends from the western U.S. to temperate regions in New Zealand, Patagonia, Australia and Europe.  Following presentations, the speakers will take questions and comments from the audience.
While the term “healthy forests” is used often – and influences an increasing amount of forest management – it is rarely defined or explained. Would we know a healthy forests if we saw one? Gallatin Wildlife Association urges everyone who is concerned about the management of our public lands and interested in forest ecology to attend this 2-hour presentation to hear about current research in the science of forest management. We hope that everyone will leave with a better understanding of “healthy, resilient forests”, and will be better prepared to evaluate management decisions that affect our public lands, watersheds, timber harvest, and wildlife.

Doors open at 5:30pm; presentation and public discussion 6-8pm.

Hosted by: Gallatin Wildlife Association
Cohosted by: Cottonwood Environmental Law, Native Ecosystems Council, and Montana River Action