• Event Time 5:00 pm-7:00 pm
  • Event Start Date 02/14/2020

Join us for the opening of three exciting new exhibits and meet the exhibiting artists during this special exhibit opening.

Friday, February 14  |  5–7pm
Jessie Wilber, Lobby, and Weaver Room Galleries
Free to the Public

Jessie Wilber Gallery 
The Wait
Gary Horinek

This is a fully immersive, three-dimensional, installation piece Gary Horinek exploring some of the environmental issues that affect our planet today. “Deep within our planet lay tectonic plates that are constantly clashing and ripping at the earth’s crust in an epic battle for geological domination. Upon the backs of these plates lies a thin layer of organic material where life exists. These plates have seen many extinctions and even participated in some of these events. But this time is different. Perhaps the battles do not lie within these massive plates but the conflict lies within the two worlds that exist within us.” – Gary Horinek


Lobby Gallery
Moments of the Infinite
Kelsey Dzintars

Based on personal soul-invigorating experiences in the Northern Rockies, Kelsey’s acrylic paintings reflect on the elusive space between dream and reality in which our inner psyche finds its interconnectedness with the outer world. This collection of work is simultaneously an offer of gratitude for our awe-inspiring planet as well as a comment on the conservation conversation, emphasizing that a practiced awareness of our innate oneness with the earth is and will be driving the desire to save it.


Weaver Room Gallery 
The Space Between
Hannah Uhde

The Space Between is an exhibition of paintings by Montana artist Hannah Uhde. The passion behind this project is rooted in the physicality of the painting process as well as the breakdown of the inherent perception of the human figure. The resulting renditions embody an exploration of self, our connection to mankind, and what basically makes us human.  Although the interpretations are personal, they are also universal.